Our Company

Our company is dedicated to manufacturing, distributing and marketing products of the highest quality for construction, industrial, commercial and home. We provide our customers the required products to meet your needs, all in one place!


The History of Proyeso

Proyeso was born in 1990 under the concept of micro family businesses developing and executing various civil work. This allowed us to assess the needs of the civil sector. A real response was needed for the growth in construction and the industrial environments. This growth had a demanding market, that allowed us to offer a wide range of excellent quality products at affordable prices.

Combining the strengths acquired in the past and the challenges of new strategies for a decade, Proyeso is always expanding and restructuring. This allows us to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Today, we have been offering 20 years of quality service, thanks to the confidence of our customers and the dedication of our employees. We have made strategic alliances with professionals in areas such as architecture and civil engineering, which have enabled us to maintain a high level of permanence and be identified as leaders in our markets, with the hope that we meet the needs of our customers demands for years to come.


Meeting the needs of the market and our customers with respect to product quality and the care we provide. Positioning ourselves as a company committed to its philosophy, the environment and great social strength.



Being a leader in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products that allow us to continue sustainable growth in the national and international market.


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